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    Tire Chafer Fabric



    High tenacity, good adhesion, superior dimensional stability , suitable for all kinds of rubber tire, special selvedge woven structure , width up to 170cm etc.


    Nylon 6 & 66 monofilament chafer fabric, types including: 475d/1x475d/1 420D/1x420D/1 450D/1x450D/1 etc.  

    Application:  semi-steel tyre bead chafer


    Nylon 6&66 chafer fabric, types including: 840D/1x840D/1 1260D/1x1260D/1 1680D/1x1680D/1 etc.   

    Application: rubber tyre bead chafer 

    Leno fabric, types including: 420D/2X840D/1(Nylon), 500D/2X1000D/1 500D/2X840D/1 500D/1X840D/1 etc.  

    Application: tyre, rubber sheet etc.

    Packing: shell and roll package

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