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    Do You Know All About Yarn?

    Oct. 11, 2018

    Commonly known as "yarn" such as Dipped Hose Yarn, actually refers to the general term of "yarn" and "thread", which is defined as follows in clothing materials science: "yarn" refers to the arrangement of many short fibers or filament into a nearly parallel state, which is rotated and twisted along the axis to form a slender object with certain strength and linear density. The "thread" is a strand of two or more single yarns twisted together.

    Dipped Hose Yarn

    "Yarn support" in short, refers to the degree of thickness of yarn, which is still commonly used in China as "British style" : when the length is 840 yards (0.9144 yards/meter) for a pound (454 grams) of heavy cotton yarn (or other components), the yarn fineness is one yarn. If a pound of yarn is 10 by 840 yards in length, its fineness is 10, and so on.

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