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    Dipped Belting FabricDipped Belting FabricDipped Belting FabricDipped Belting Fabric

    Dipped Belting Fabric



    High strength, superior crimp, excellent longitudinal tear strength, high troughability, comparative advantage on GSM(gram per square meter), low elongation, heat-resistant, puncture resistance , anti-tear.



    Types including regular EE/EP/NN80-500, anti-wrinkle fabric, High troughability fabric, Heat-resistant fabric, flame-retardant fabric, puncture resistance fabric, anti-tear fabric, pipe belting fabric, SW fabric, EPP fabric, DPP fabric, cross-rigid belting fabric.


    Long-distance and heavy burden belt, multi-ply belt, heat-resistant belt, flame-retardant belt, puncture resistance belt, pipe belting fabric, TPU/PVC belt, elevator belt etc.

    Packing: shell and roll package

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